so im going through old con pics and i see this england (maybe?) cosplayer in the background


Surprise in the forest - by Wolf-Bold

Hellie worn by hell_coyote
Fursuit made by donthugcacti
Autumn 2013


ive actually had it for a while but its far too big for my real head

So I was doing some math to figure out how much it’d be to make myself a resin mask- and I saw an opportunity to explain to some people WHY fursuits are so expensive.

Under the cut since it’s mega long.

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In all honesty I wish more fursuit makers offered the plastic stuff over follow me eyes like in kemono suits. It makes it look a lot better, and follow me eyes just seem to be a huge invitation for little kids to poke your eyes :\ Plus with follow me eyes you just have the huge holes in your head ahh

If/when I ever open commissions (probably not for like ever ahh) I’ll probably offer that as an option for a bit extra, depending on how hard it is to do. (Haven’t tried it, so I honestly have no idea how hard it is or how long it takes but I know plenty of tutorials.)